Yet Another Dark Eye Tool

Update 2010-07-27: The Yadt sourceforge project is currently dead. But im still working on Yadt, just not on sourceforge. You can read about it from time to time on my blog www.bernhardjung.de.

Yadt is going to be a Character Generator for the German role-playing game The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge in German). It will implement the rules of the revised 4th edition. Nearly all the rules will be stored in files and be adjustable through built-in editors. Yadt is going to feature a great deal of flexiblity. It will not require you to strictly adhere to the rules, but will help you if you want to create a hero according to the official rules. Optional rules will be optional. Yadt will allow you to create own Races, Cultures and Profession. Yadt is written in C++ utilizing Qt to be platform independent and run on Linux, Mac OS and of course Windows. We plan to release a first beta version, that will implement only a small part of the TDE rules around September 2014 ;-).

To wet your appetite and to show you that we are not all talk some screenshot (click to enlarge).

Here you can see from left to right, top to bottom the following editors: Advancement Cost Table, Attributes, Base Values, Talent Groups, Talents, Special Abilities. All in all we already have eleven editors up and running. The language in the screenshot is a mix of English and German, but Yadt will be fully localized in English and German once we make a official release. Btw: We need translators.

If you want to participate in our endeavor to create the ultimate TDE Character Generator, contact us through the yadt-devel mailing list. We are in need of:

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